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How to submit a listing

  • You will be asked to log in, if you are not already a registered user, you’ll have the option to set up an account by selecting the link “New User? Register Now”.  To setup your account, enter your email address and username and click on “Sign Up”. Once you sign up, you will receive an email from Commercial Vehicle Global Market Network (CVGMN), with your temporary password and a link to sign in. Once you sign in, update your profile and go to the Submit Listing menu.
  • Once you’ve signed in, on the website menu click on “Submit Listing” to select your payment plan. Please only select payment plan that really matches what you do. For example, select “Product” only if you want to list products for sell, or select “Service” for the services you provide.
  • Once you select the best payment plan that match your listing demand, your next step is to enter details by selecting your category where your listing will be featured. Next you will be requested to enter your “Listing Title” and “Listing Description”.
  • Enter your location by selecting your “Country”, “State (Province)”, and “City”. Then enter your business “Address”
  • Start your listing information by uploading your logo and enter business hours. On your contact information, enter your “Phone Number”, “Email”, “Website URL”, and any social media links.
  • You can add any images or videos related to your listing. You can choose to have your listing featured on homepage or/and category page. Check the box to accept our Terms and Conditions and click on “Continue”.
  • Once you click on “Continue”, you will be notified if your listing was submitted successfully.