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Are you prepared to take advantage of the dramatic disruptive nature of the changing Industry? What products and services will drive your sales? How do you grow profitable and gain market share during uncertain times in a rapidly changing market? Can you do more for your employees, customers, investors and partners? Is your future survival on the line today?

If you are like most aftermarket and suppliers manufacturers with a vision, goals and a mission, you can relate to these questions. Learn how to win in the new aftermarket game, leverage the market uncertainties to your advantage and grow your triple bottom line.

The WOLK Automotive Aftermarket Accelerator Program for high achieving focused professionals. If you want to win in the new aftermarket game today, you’re going to need the right skills, the right mind-set, specific to the automotive aftermarket.

WOLK provides educational opportunities in business management and leadership topics. A very exclusive programme, we only take on a small selective group every year to help you really reach your full potential, while growing the business and improving the bottom line.

100% focused on the professional development needs of people working in the automotive aftermarket industry. Aftermarket programs for any professional working in the automotive aftermarket that wants to develop their business management and leadership skills.

Take part in a free webinar: https://training.wolk-aftersales.com/#block102

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