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Jaltest Telematics presents the best solution for fleet management with remote multibrand diagnostics

Jaltest telematics ODF (Optimal Driving Fleet) fleet management system, is developed to cover an important need of the transport companies and commercial vehicle fleets: To include remote multibrand diagnostics within the solution for fleet management in order to know the vehicle status at all times.

The system gives you the option of optimizing the fleet exponentially thanks to the data received from the ECU.

1. If an error occurs in the vehicle, the system a warning is issued with the required information in order to take a decision on the matter. Risk of damage caused, by driving the vehicle with failures, is reduced that way.

2. Control units transmits certain vehicle components status , which allows to apply a preventive maintenance in order to foresee possible failures caused by the irregular status of these components.

3. For any of these situations or others,the tool allows to send the repair warning to other workshop , belonging to the fleet or external, by sending the diagnosis information or even performing a new advanced diagnosis. With this option, the workshop would have enough time to acquire the necessary spare parts before the vehicle arrives and, this way, repair times could be shortened.

4. With the tachograph unloading and driver card automation , we will save time and minimize the risk of penalties and additional fees due to the necessity of downloading the tachograph file in external services.

This telematics solution is developed for truck, bus and, in the same way, for trailer and semi-trailer with diagnosis and telematics different from the truck, adding the possibility of trailer sensing in order to monitor certain goods parameters.

Location modules, warnings, messaging, reports, tachograph, order management and maintenances have been also implemented in the fleet management solution.

With Jaltest Telematics ODF you will achieve to optimize your fleet and will observe an increase in productivity and efficiency in your company.

You can consult all the functionalities in the ODF portal (Optimal Driving Fleet) on the website: www.jaltest-telematics.com

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